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NicEdit the latest Editor in the software market that is lightweight, a cross platform and inline content editor. This is a very powerful tool for developers and designers which allows easy edit of web site content on the fly across all the available browsers. This nicedit html editor helps you in preparing content. Nice editor has turned out to be the best alternative to some larger and more complex WYSIWYG what you see is what you get editors available in the market.

Nice Editor can be downloaded from the official website and is very light weight. The download size is very small but at the same time it boasts many of the best editor features and the best part is that it easily integrates with the site and makes the life of web designer so simple. The NicEdit easily integrates and with in seconds it enables the user edit any element/div  or convert standard text areas to rich text editing through this nicedit html editor. The aim is to make it very simple for the end user and enable the end user to use the application as quick as possible. That helps to reduce site visitors confusion and frustration and allows them to express themselves in rich text and more effectively. The NicEdit can be readily downloadable and customisation.

NicEdit can be downloaded from the official website The website provides demo tutorial to use the application that starts from basic minor changes to extensive customisation. The demos mostly covers setting up NicEdit configuration, adding or removing nicedit html editor, configuring inline NicEditors ,editor styles etc. People can find the NicEdit documentation for using and developing website at NicEdit Wiki.In the release download users can find the more complex demos that explains highly advanced features of NicEdit. The source code available with the release download is really very useful for the users. 

NicEdit has a dedicated blog or forum for users and developers. Users can post their queries on the forum and can expect responses from the developers or other users who have already faced similar challenges and were able to overcome. On the forum people can see new topics that are are active and seeing lot of interaction from various users. Most of the topics are really helpful to novice and helps them to easily resolve their challenges if any. The nicedit html editor forum also talks about new features that cab be expected in the coming releases. People who face challenges in using some of the features can detailed explanation on how to configure and use a specific feature that saves a lot to time.

Website editors who wants to give a try on NicEdit can bookmark the javascript and use it to change the text on website and quickly visualise the change that acts as a prototype. To use the NicEdit click the bookmark that is mentioned in the earlier statement and edit the webpage that is open in the browser. After making the changes with a refresh you can save your changes.  When you click on the nicedit html editor bookmark, the page is opened in edit mode that disables javascript and links.

For a quick use of NicEdit the editor is provided with many quick features that can be accessed by a click of button. To toggle between current edited web page and the original a Toggle button is provided. The Diff button helps to generate the difference of the changes made to the web page. nicedit html editor can be found that all the greens are the edits that are added and the red indicates the content that has been removed. Finally to close the NicEdit, click on the Off button reset the DOM configuration and keep the changes that are made to webpage. 

NicEdit is a beautiful, convenient, comfortable HTML editor that does syntax highlighting (coloration of the code) and auto completion. The features provided by NicEdit accommodates users tastes and  also increases the productivity and mitigate fatigue that is involved in long bouts of coding. nicedit html editor access the visual content and source code of the webpage you edit see the other change instantly in real time. NicEdit is compatible with every major web browser that allows users to work online and access all features instantly. NicEdit is the best online WYSIWYG editor to get the HTML code users need.